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Your story. Happy story.
From 29,00 / per person
Rafting is an adventure that combines pure adventure and glorious nature. It is believed to be a journey full of new discoveries that you can share with your friends or family. During the 2h ride on the Sava River the experienced guides will provide safe and fun-filled journey.
From 54,00 / per person
Swimming, jumping, sliding on natural toboggans, games and fun are what make up this new adventure.
From 71,00 / per person
Adventure Day
This is truly unforgettable experience. If you like refreshing water, unspoiled nature and big dose of adventure this is the thing for you. Start up your day with a rafting trip, in between take a lunch break, and finish your day with canyoning. A story to tell…”
From 65,00 / per person
Emerald River tour
The beauty of Trenta valley, the emerald colour of Soča river and hospitality of locals of Bovško enchants everybody. Visit one of the most beautiful valleys in the world.
From 95,00 / per person
Paragliding is as close to flying as it gets and a tandem flight is the perfect way to enjoy safe flying experience. As a passenger you will only be required to run a few meters during the take off.
From 45,00 / per person
Horse back riding
If you dream of riding alongside rivers and experiencing breathtaking views from the top of the mountains, we provide horseback riding adventures through the unspoilt wilderness of Slovenia.
From 220,00 / per person
Experience the thrill of a lifetime!
From 8,00 / per person
The countryside around Bled offers numerous possibilities of half-day, full-day or several-day excursions.
From 8,00 / per person
Vintgar gorge trip
Experience the most intact nature of Bled in the first touristically arranged gorge in Slovenia.
From 39,00 / per person
Rock climbing
We believe you can and should try it now that you have the unique chance to do it safely with a guide you can trust.
From 55,00 / per person
Kayak trip
For anyone who likes independence while exploring the wonderful rivers and streams of Slovenia
From 18,00 / per person
You do not need to expose yourself to any unnecessary danger for adrenaline packed activity .
From 89,00 / per person
Cave kayak
Exploring the underground labyrinth with kayaking in the underground lake is a unique experience that will leave your breathless.
From 39,00 / per person
Postojna cave & Predjamski castle
Postojna cave is a jewel of Slovenian Karst being the most renowned cave and one of the greatest karst monuments in the world.
From 9,00 / per person
Zip line is similar to a theme park ride and consists of a pulley suspended under a cable spanning between two high points.
From 5,00 / per person
It is spherical. It is plastic. It is much larger than a beach ball.
From 70,00 / per person
Hiking "Via Feratta"
The sounds form everyday rush slowly disappear as you walk uphill towards your goal.
From 55,00 / per person
The sounds form everyday rush slowly disappear as you walk uphill towards your goal.
From 29,00 / per person
Stand up paddling
Slovenia is a perfect place for exploring it from the water on a SUP. It is one of the most water-rich countries in Europe.
From 150,00 / per person
Hot Air Balloning
A hot air balloon ride including a panoramic flight over Bled and its surroundings is a unique adventure and a memorable way of experiencing the city – a unique sensation for anybody. .